Why I create

Why I create

Hi there! I'm a fairly private person but I'd like to begin to share why I create. My brain pauses here... I get nervous.

I have so many reasons why I create! I feel better when my hands are busy. I suffer from a pain disorder so when I'm not busy, I tend to feel more physical pain and anxiety. Creating has become my outlet for processing pain and stress. The process of creating something beautiful gets my endorphins flowing! The act of sharing that beautiful creation greatly improves my sense of well being.

Learning is another process that I love. I enjoy being fully immersed into something new. Learning the intricacies and nuances of a thing is what interests me most.

I also create for my kids. I want to inspire my children to see the beauty in small things. I want them to know that beauty always exists, even if we have to create it ourselves.

I find hope in beauty and creation.


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